Planting a seedling

Step 01

Setup your garden

Using our custom-made web app choose the size of the plot of land you want to cultivate in our state-of-the-art greenhouses. Then select which vegetables to plant, where to plant them and how to grow them.

Irrigation system

Step 02

Make it grow

Monitor your garden's progress via a live web-cam feed and decide on all important aspects from watering times to types of fertiliser to use. All under the helpful supervision of our expert horticulturalists.

Ripe tomatoes

Step 03

Reap the rewards!

When the time is right harvest your produce and decide whether to have it delivered to your door or sell it back to us in exchange for credits. All plots of land are guaranteed a minimum turnover per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any experience in growing vegetables?

    Absolutely not! The best thing about Coltiverra is that you have the constant support of a team of professional horticulturalists who are always ready to give advice on what to do. The more time you spend growing your own food with us the more you'll learn. Also don't worry if you forget to water your garden one-day, we won't let your plants die!

  • Are there maximum or minimum time limits?

    You may keep your plot of land for as long as you want. However, due to the lifecycle of plants, there is a minimum 3 month subscription period.

  • Does that mean I have to wait 3 months before I can get any produce?

    When you start your garden we plant mature plants. This means you'll be able to receive fresh produce almost straightaway without have to wait the normal 100/120 day plant lifecycle. However you can always request to have seeds planted when you start your garden if you prefer starting from scratch.

  • How do I know that the plants I see on the web-cam are the ones I get delivered at home?

    Our users are welcome to come visit us anytime and harvest their own garden themselves. To arrange a time write to It's also a good opportunity to discover a beautiful corner of Southern Italy, right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Can I use Coltiverra on my smartphone?

    Absolutely! Our web-app is fully responsive and has been optimized for handheld and tablet devices. In early 2016 we'll also be launching a native app for iOS and Android with special features, which will allow users to receive push notifications and updates on their garden's status.

  • What happens when my plants are ready to be harvested?

    Once your produce is mature you can choose to either have it delivered to your home or to resell it back to Coltiverra in exchange for credits. In the future we will also be offering the possibility to process your produce. For example you could choose to have your tomatoes sliced, dried and packaged before being sent.

  • Are there other costs besides the monthly rent and plant fee?

    As long as you do not ask for extra services (i.e. substituting/moving plants or processing produce) there are no extra costs. All extra services and their precise cost in credits are listed beforehand and require your explicit consent.

  • What can't I do with my garden?

    Food and arable land are precious resources, and for this reason we at Coltiverra do not let plants die. You will have the support of a team of professional horticulturalist who will do everything to meet your requests but we will not carry out any action we believe is not in the best interests of the plants or allow plots of land to fall into neglect.

  • I'm a farmer. Can I use Coltiverra to hire out plots of my land?

    Eventually yes! We are working on making the platform accessible for farmers to help them reach new customers directly. Write to for more information.

  • I'm a restaurant. Can I rent a bigger plot of land?

    We have a special service for the restaurant/catering industry. Write to for more information.

  • I still have more questions!

    If you still have doubts or did not find the answer you were looking for please don't hesitate to write to for more information.

Excellence in nature
made in Italy

Nestled among the lush vegetation of southern Italy and overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea lies Favella, an award winning commercial farm that combines age-old traditions with modern technology. For over 80 years Favella has been growing the finest produce on this ancient land, in harmony with nature and with a constant eye towards the future.

It is this wealth of experience, tradition and expertise that allows us to provide a truely revolutionary service. With Coltiverra the joy and satisfaction of growing your own food is now withing everyone's reach. And with Favella behind us you know that the latest technologies are going hand-in-hand with the very best in sustainable agriculture.

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